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Alyssa is a freelance writer & holistic life coach. She holds workshops and has a weekly YouTube channel about all things spiritual, holistic and motivational. Her new collaborative book Angels Blessings is available to purchase on Kindle and paperback on Amazon.

‘Whilst it is true that we can learn through struggle, we can also experience learning through compassion and joy. It is by uniting both our hardships and blessings that we can clearly begin to see what we are truly capable of. There is never a time to give up on your dreams, only a time to change gear and move forward’.      – Alyssa

My role

Our journey is very personal to each of us, although we may share some common ideas and experiences. Holistic life coaching is not about sticking a band aid on a problem. It is about teaching you tools and techniques, so that when road blocks appear you can see the blessings. When your life starts to manifest in the way you desire, you can treasure and cherish those moments.

‘Your ability level right now does not define your future knowledge.
Your circumstances right now do not have to determine your future vision.
Your struggle right now, does not have to limit the blessings you can receive.
You’ve got this! – Alyssa

It is my role here to work with you in turning your inspired ideas into reality. As a coach, working with you means that I can facilitate this process. Facilitation being the main word! There is no fun in the journey if someone else takes the reigns completely and does things for you. But I understand as a coach that sometimes all you need is a prompt, and a guiding hand helping you in the right direction.

As a speaker and writer my message is simple; if I can do it so can you. I will teach you on this site and through my coaching programs and courses, how you can not only in overcome challenges but learn how to flourish within them



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