Calling Down The Moon – Spiritual Practice.

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Letter’s to the moon.

Hi Folks! Today I share with you a short process and spiritual practice I use to get in touch with my feminine power.. In this fast paced world that we seem to be living in, I felt as though my ‘masculine’ energy was on point! I was focused, disciplined, determined and motivated. But my feminine side needed some TLC. I wanted to feel more grounded, intuitive and in touch with my inner feelings. Which can often feel difficult in this modern age.

This really quick and easy exercise I will share with you is called ‘Calling down the moon’. There are many variations of this technique but below I will share with you specifically my own practice and any optional tools required. Let’s get started!

Calling down the moon.

Step one cleansing.

I like to start this full moon healing process by cleansing and purifying my body.

  • Run a bath (I personally like to use Epson bath salts)
  • I also like to use essential oils. My favourites are lavender and Rosemary oils, due to their purifying properties. (You may want to consult an expert or physician to make sure that the oils you choose are safe for you personally)
  • In the water, ask the moon energies to work in helping you to release any unwanted build-up of stagnant emotions or limiting beliefs.
  • After I feel as though I have had enough time in the cleansing tub, I like to step out of the bath/shower backwards. This is symbolic to the subconscious mind that you are leaving anything that was holding you back, behind.

Step two meditation & intention process


For this step I like to light a candle and spend some time in quiet reflection. Asking the moon to aid me in anything I want help with in life.

  • Take a white candle. You can use herbs and oils to ‘dress’ the candle if you wish for extra potency. I like to use basil and oils that invite positivity, I personally love bay leaf oil. *Note; As I am vegan I like to use a soy candle, but that’s up to you! The ingredients at the end will give you links to anything you might need.
  • Burn incense or sage.
  • I like to use Oracle Cards or Angel Tarot cards as a focus. I also like to call upon Archangel Haniel. The beautiful Archangel of the moon to assist in making me feel; safe, supported, and relaxed.

 Step three. Letter to the moon

Violet Ink

Finally I write a letter to the moon, stating what I wish to either release or bring into my life. The new moon is the best time for inviting new things in, and the full moon is the best time to release that which no longer serves you.

I particularly like to write my letter to the moon in purple/violet ink. As purple is the colour of intuition, spiritual awareness, truth and authenticity.


For cleansing bath

Epson bath salts

Essential oils


For candle & meditation process

White candle


Incense   (Earth based)


Anointing oil

Angel Tarot Cards


For Letters to moon

White or brown paper

Purple/violet pen.


*Most ingredients are clickable.

Happy moon cleansing, may your calling down the moon experience be beautiful!

Alyssa x

This information is intended to inspire and entertain you on your personal journey toward self-empowerment and happiness. It is not intended to replace care best provided by qualified professional and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.





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