Feel To Make It Real. Success & The Story Of Mr X.

cheque3Feel to make real!

In order to bring about our dreams into reality, we must maintain a high and positive emotion.

However, there are times when people think of their dreams, only to feel disheartened straight away. Asking you to think of what you want, and then asking you to feel happy about it, may seem like an impossible task.

For example; I ask you to think of a new home you want to manifest into your life. You try for a moment, but then feel upset because you are not living in it right now.

Or I ask you to think of a romantic relationship you want to manifest, for a moment you do. Soon you find you are upset, as you stare across the room to your ‘imaginary partner’ and there is no loving smile back.

I understand your frustration, I have ‘been there’. I am about to share with you a new way to think of this.


For years I researched successful people. By success, I mean those people who reached their goals and attained their dreams. I broke down their stories and their methods and realised 5 important key factors in their success;

1)      They never askedthe book how their dreams would happen, they just started.

2)      They surrounded themselves with other positive mind-set people.

3)      They gave recognition to others’ hard work, and received their own recognition gracefully.

4)      They kept going even after they failed a few times 


After coming to this realisation I knew my mind-set was not set up to succeed. So I changed it. Change the way you think, change the way you feel = changes to your life.

Now I will give you a quick scenario to highlight this idea.

The story of Mr X.  

Mr X wants a new car, in fact he has his sights set on a particular car. As a child he played with a toy model of it, and always thought that when he grew up he would have the chance to buy it.

He knows with his wage he cannot possibly afford it. He reads a post on social media that says “keep good feelings about what you want, and what you want will come to you”

Mr X thinks about how good it will feel to drive this car. One minute later, the feeling subsides, because he remembers he doesn’t own it now. He gets frustrated at himself; he wants to feel good, he’s willing to wait, but he’s unhappy with waiting, and now he feels guilty. Poor guy  :/

Mr X Meets Miss S

casal-1818169_960_720His neighbour, Miss S understands Mr X’s frustration. She walks up to him one day, and hands him a cheque for the price of the car, £25,000.

“Wow!” Mr X exclaims! “I feel amazing, this is fantastic! thank you”

The next day he wakes up feeling just as good!

“Hey Miss S, good morning!” He shouts over their fence.

“Hello Mr X. See, you can feel good about your manifestations before they have come into reality!”

“What do you mean?” asked Mr X.

“Well, you have this cheque, but the money is not yet in your account, the car is not yet in your drive. In fact everything is exactly the same as when I saw you yesterday morning, before I handed you the cheque. Still, your outlook is totally different” Replied Miss S.

“Of course” said Mr X, “I know now that my car is coming”

Hesitant to dampen the mood Miss S did a double cough to get Mr X’s attention.

“There is a slight thing I forgot to mention” Miss S said softly, not wanting to ruin his happiness.

“Oh what is that?” Mr X asked, unsure of whether he really wanted the answer.

“Well, the cheque is yours, the money is yours to do with what you like. The only thing is, you cannot cash it in for another twelve months” Miss S waited to hear his reply.

“That’s ok!” smiled Mr X, I know the car is coming. No matter how long I have to wait, I know this cheque can be cashed in and then the car will be mine. I still feel great!”

Miss S smiled, as she watched Mr X skip off down the road, feeling good. car-160343_960_720

Our manifestations may not happen overnight, but that does not mean they never will! Mr X knew his cheque would one day be cashed. Even though the car was not yet in his drive, he felt excited and joyful in the knowledge that one day, it would be.

We may not have a neighbour like Miss S, handing out the cheques. We have something better, faith. The universe can act like a giant chequebook, logging our requests. If we BELIEVE our dreams to be heard then all we need to do is take action and keep the fire burning inside of us.

Maybe your dream will take twelve months to arrive, maybe twenty-four, maybe even forty-eight.

Keep the joyful passion burning inside of you no matter what! Keep your expectations high, as well as your faith. Take inspired action, and keep a spring in your step. Each day you work towards bringing your dreams into reality, is another day closer to actualising them.

Keep the faith!

Alyssa x

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