7 Manifestation Tips

7 Manifestation Tips


Today I would like to discuss some manifestation techniques that I use and find quite useful. Some of you reading this may know many or some of the techniques and some of you may not. But I am writing this article to help those that want to try to manifest things for themselves but might not know where to begin.

Manifesting for yourself is not a selfish act. However, it is important to try to manifest good things for the Earth and those that may be struggling also. I often give to charity or give out reiki to the Earth, but this is something I choose to do to help in any small way I can- not to manifest my own needs.

When manifesting for myself I often focus on what I need the money for (if it is money you wish to manifest) money is a tool. It helps us trade amongst each other and is a tool to buy things that we may need. When I want to develop my business I don’t just think “I need more money” I think “what meaningful service can I offer to others?” it may be that I decide to do a course that will help me to utilise my skills, give me accreditation so that I can go on to make a living. So when I want to manifest money to pay for the course, instead of money being the main focus…my accreditation from studying is the focus.

Abundance can mean different things, to different people at different times in their life. There have been times in my life where I and my family lived below the poverty line. Asking to manifest money should never be seen to be a bad thing. You should not judge yourself or others for trying to manifest money, after all you don’t know their story or where they are coming from. Breaking Belief systems involving money being bad is the first step. It is not wrong to want to manifest things at all, so lose judgements on others firstly but more importantly do not judge yourself harshly! Be kind to YOU!

It’s not always money we want to manifest though. It could be a contented family life, an education, a holiday, transport, a break, a business idea, a creative writing project whatever it is you want to manifest I will give you some methods I use that hopefully may be of use to you.

board-1614646_960_7201. Manifestation board

you can get a board preferably fabric or cork (so pins will go into it easily) you can flick through magazines, newspapers or even draw little images or notes about what you want. This could be anything from cutting out a skiing holiday picture or listing things you find important in a romantic partner. You can use colour, poems, prayers whatever you feel comfortable with! Keep this board somewhere you will see every day. If you practice reiki put some over the board. 🙂


field-328962_960_7202. Affirmations.

I know that people talk about affirmations a lot but there is a reason they are so useful! They actually help us to alter our belief systems if we say them enough. An affirmation for money could be “money comes to me in every way, I am open to receiving money” or for a new job it could be; “my eyes are open to the new opportunities that come my way, from the people I meet to the words I speak I am open to new employment”

Affirmations work best if you repeat them twice a day for 5 mins (10 mins a day in total) this is because the more you say it the more you really believe it. It’s also been useful to me to ring a friends and we say our affirmation to each other for 5/10 mins. It confirms the belief even more if you share it with someone else.


pretty-woman-635258_960_7203. Mirror talk.

Very simple repeat the affirmations to yourself in the mirror 🙂



american-1239040_960_7204. Abundance cheques.

You can write a cheque out to yourself. This could be a sum of money or something that you want. You can pop this on your manifestation board if you like!


phone-690091_960_7205. Abundance emails/texts.

This next one may make you feel a little silly but it’s actually my favourite.( Perhaps this is because we are living in a technological age.) I like to send myself emails and texts a few times a day having CONGRATULATIONS in the title.

So it might read CONGRATULATIONS…. You have successfully aced that interview. Or CONGRATULATIONS… People love your business idea…. (you get the idea) plus it always gives me a little buzz when I see CONGRATULATIONS! In my inbox and that’s the feeling you want to attract when manifesting. It should always come from a feeling of excitement and joy, not neediness.


boy-1842271_960_7206. Coin finding

Again this sounds silly. But I love this one. It works especially well if you have children or younger ones in the family. Basically when you go out you keep your eyes open for money on the floor could be one penny could be one pound it doesn’t matter the amount. If you have children you can turn this into a game such as “let’s see who can find the most money today and get a nice lolly” (after they have washed their hands of course).

I can with a lot of certainty say that the children will beat you at this game. This isn’t because they are closer to the ground or have better eyesight though! It is because to children the world is a game, once you said it they will expect to find money – and find it they shall. This coin finding game gets us to be playful, open to receiving and a little childlike but that’s the manifestation game!



girl-932400_960_7207. Working with Archangel Ariel.

Archangel Ariel is the Archangel who oversees our material plane. This involves; the animal kingdom, our environment but also our monetary material needs including; finding a home, job, financial abundance and career opportunities. Call upon Her beautiful energy to help you see the magic around you.

The MAIN tip is to see manifestation as a game! It’s fun and exciting. Don’t be disheartened if it takes a while. Changing belief systems such as “abundance for myself is wrong” can take a while. But with these tips you can begin to open up to the idea that you have the power to manifest- and what’s more you are entitled to do so! 🙂



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