3 Steps To Developing A Growth Mind-Set

Three steps to developing a growth Mind-set.

How do we develop a growth mind-set? The majority of us at some point of our lives have lived in ‘fixed mid-set mode’. Fixed mind-set mode is when we develop thoughts like;
• I don’t believe I can grow and develop
• It is not in my nature or personality to be a ‘go getter’
• I don’t have the natural talent
• I am struggling to bust through my own limitations.
Any of these sound familiar? I know I have experienced a few of these in my own life. There is a way for us to develop a different thought pattern though, which I like to call ‘the growth mind-set’.
The first thing we need to do, is dispel the idea of ‘I am who I am, and there is not much I can do to change that’. When we open ourselves up to the possibility of change, we are already making the necessary steps to develop into a new way of being, that allows us to shift our consciousness and thoughts about our own ability.
I will now share with you three steps of thinking to create a growth mind-set, which you will be able to use in every area of your life. From self-development, to relationships and even business.

Step One

You can figure anything out

This is one of the ultimate beneficial beliefs we can hold for ourselves in life. If we don’t hold this belief about ourselves, no matter what we try is going to be a very hard slog indeed! When we come up against a task, there is one damaging mind-set that we can fall into that will hold us back, this is to think; “I don’t know anything about how to do this, I quit”.
With this mind-set we are unable to grow at all. We must get to a stage in life where instead we think “I don’t know how to do this right now, but I believe I will figure this out”
If we have a dream and we don’t have any clue how to reach that it, believing we can figure it out is the most important thought we can have. This belief in ourselves will give us the courage to make the first steps, which often includes, a lot of research and observing other people who have made our dream happen for themselves.
Psychologists call this mind-set for figuring things out ‘expectancy’. When we don’t believe we can achieve, we will never begin. Once we consider our goal as being doable, we develop expectancy and this enables us to start the journey.

Step Two
Question your beliefs about yourself.

Many of us have the belief that says ‘we are who we are’.
The number one common mind-set I have heard in my coaching practice, from wonderful people who hadn’t yet questioned their beliefs about themselves is;
“People tell me I should share my knowledge and wisdom with the world, but who am I to call myself an expert? I lack the experience to be able to follow my dreams fully.”
To this I reply;
Your ability level right now does not define your future knowledge.
Your circumstances right now do not have to determine your future vision.
Your struggle right now, does not have to limit the blessings you can receive in your future.
The truth is, so many of us predict our future success, based on our current circumstances. But look at how much our lives have probably changed in the past five years! We really cannot continue to base our goals on our current skills and tools, if we want to truly change. We will get to where we want to be, in confidence, but it has to begin with us questioning and altering any limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves and then replacing them with new ones.

Step Three
Develop your own syllabus

We may not want to hear this one, but I promise once we do this, we will find it so much fun!
With step three it is time to go back to school. In school, our teachers are given a curriculum to teach us. But in life, we have no teacher hovering over us, asking where our homework is. WE HAVE TO BECOME OUR OWN TEACHER.
Once we have decided to figure things out, and we have the belief in our vision, the next step is to develop our own syllabus. We can make a list of videos, books, articles, podcasts and anything else we can get our hands on. Once we have our list, we can then develop lesson plans for ourselves, that could look something like this;
Monday – Listen to a podcast and make notes
Tuesday – Read a chapter in a book
Wednesday – Watch a video on what you want to learn
Thursday – Watch another video and read another chapter
Friday – Implement what you have learnt practically
When I first started to do videos, I literally had no idea how to record, how to edit, how to upload, NOTHING. For one week I read, watched and listened to any information I could get my hands on about this subject. Once I had a better idea of what I needed, I then researched the best equipment. After a week and a half I then practically started to make videos.
Don’t be afraid to mess up at first! The ‘secret’ to having this knowledge, is simply to create our own syllabus and be truly willing to be a student again.
When we do these three steps, we are now in ‘the growth mind-set’ it really is this simple to get into. We must remember to honor the challenges that we come up against too, there is no need to shy away from them. There will be times we can feel frustrated, tired, and as though we are failing. Good! This is an indication of real growth and development. One day we will look back with pride and happiness, of how far we have come, and those struggles will all feel very worth it.
Alyssa xxx

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