Invest In You!

Invest in you

The topic of money, budget, investments and income, can make some of us jump for joy inside, whilst others’ of us shudder in disdain.
Our relationships with our finances, I believe, can have an impact on us at a very early age in life. I remember being a small child, saving my pocket money for doing chores.

My piggy bank grew and I felt such a sense of achievement. Until one day the money was gone, stolen, and I was sad. Not because the money had been taken, but because I felt bad for the person who had stolen it. What could drive them to steal from a child? I decided that money was destructive.

As I grew into my pre-teen years, still a saver, I had a significant shopping trip. It was significant because it felt so good to spend my money on the first clothes I had ever bought myself. At this stage in my life, I decided that money was a fun tool.
As life unfolded, I had times that I felt  a positive relationship towards money, and times that money kept me up at night, or should I say the fear of not having money.

I grew up in a working class family, with a single mother who gave me everything I could ever need. I never felt poor, although I knew in many cases we were. I got my first job at fifteen years old, I gained money, and spent money. But whether I was having a good time enjoying money or a bad time in fear and worrying over it, I never truly felt I got anything from having or not having it. Meaning, whether my bank account was in the green, or in the red I felt so indifferent towards the use of it, and I knew this needed to change.

I needed this feeling to change not only for myself, but for my wider circle. I regularly donated money if I had it, but still I felt it made no impact. So I decided to focus on investing in myself, in order to benefit my life, and to help others.

Brendon Burchard – Life’s Golden Ticket

Investing in myself
When I made the decision to invest in myself, it was truly divinely guided. At the time I was totally broke and thought I would have to give up before I even began. Until I made the conscious choice to ‘get serious’ about my own self-development. I searched online and in my local area for free courses. Some taught me basic business and marketing strategies, whilst others taught be how to connect with my spiritual and emotional self.

I wasn’t concerned so much about the content I was learning, my only two ‘rules’ were;
“Is this going to add value to my life and help me become the best version of myself?”
“Can I use what I learn to impact others’ positively in some way?”

Once I implemented what I had learnt, I started to see results. The results ranged from me becoming happier to feeling more inspired, as well as some financial gains. The next stage was to take those lessons and re-invest them. This wasn’t so much about a ‘get rich quick’ affect, but rather an ongoing learning curve. If money came from what I had learnt, that became an added bonus, but the true prize was that I was becoming a deeper person, with more to experience and more to share.

Through the time I had invested in myself, I learnt so much. I started to teach, and that became a new vocation. In teaching I felt I was passing on the baton so to speak. I met people, who like me, were starting out on their self-development journeys’. What started out as researching ways to generate an income, became in fact a life purpose. The focus shifted from how green or red my bank balance was, to how fulfilled or unfulfilled I felt inside.

Money is a fantastic tool, and one that is necessary to survive, but not to live life to its fullest. My most fulling days of my childhood were the walks in the forest with my Mother and Brother. Playing with friends, outside on the grass on a warm summer’s day, and deeply embracing the people I loved.

There is no doubt that poverty is a global issue that should be a topic on all of our lips. I am passionate about spreading awareness on this, as it effects so many lives all over the world, and has also touched my own. But another topic we should also be talking about is the investment we put into ourselves.

When we invest into our own development we empower ourselves. When we feel empowered we are able to move forward in life with a greater sense of self, and an added awareness of the world around us.  To this day I put aside two hours a week for my own learning.

Money is a powerful tool, but we are the hands that wield it. Once you invest in yourself, it can never be wasted, only shared.

Alyssa x

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