Transmuting Energy

Transmuting Energy

The idea of transmutation can be traced back to alchemy. Ancient alchemists pursued the idea of turning base mental into gold – arguable the most precious natural resource in our world, and sometimes referred to as the ‘currency of the gods.’
In modern physics, nuclear transmutation saw Rutherford in 1919 successfully transmute nitrogen into oxygen. This was noted as the first observation of a nuclear reaction. Ok … so what does this mean for us spiritually? And how can we use the power of transmutation to help ourselves and others?

Transmutation is possible in so many areas of physics, and metaphorical transmutation is also possible. The idea of taking unwanted energy, and turning it into something positive fascinated me.
I had this idea when I was going through a particularly challenging time. It seemed as though everything that could go wrong was going wrong. I was asking the universe for helpful people and situations to enter my life, yet I was faced with seemingly ‘unhelpful people’ and hostile words and situations.

I meditated upon this for a while, and was guided to set up my own transmutation field, that worked with my own auric field. The idea was for me to set up a system whereby if anyone sent bad thoughts or feelings my way, I wouldn’t just simply block that energy (what a waste of energy) I would transmute it! ..Into something positive, that I could use.

How I set up my transmutation field and how you can too!
Here are 4 simple and quick steps to set up your own transmutation field.

Step One: Everything starts with an intention. So the first step is to find a space where we can relax and simply say out loud or in our minds; “I am now setting up a transmutation field that will work in harmony with my aura” easy!

Step Two: Now we have set our intention, the next stage is to imagine what colour our transmutation field will be. For me purple is an amazing colour to use… This is an individual process and we will each know what colour we feel drawn too. We can then visulise this colour surrounding us like a protective shield.

Step Three: This is the ‘fun part’ we have our intention, we have the colour of our field that we have visualised surrounding us; now we need to set up our transmutation Sigil.
A sigil is a symbol that we create that is unique to us. Some ideas of a transmutation symbol could be;
-An equation
– It could be a made up word that has relevance to us
-An animal totem
-A shape i.e. a sphere
– Literally any symbol that we associate transmuting ‘*bad energy’ into good energy.

*side note- I use the word ‘bad/harmful energy’ instead of negative energy. This is because we don’t actually want to banish all negative energy from our bodies. For example negative ions are great for our health! Negative ions are created in nature by the air, sunlight and natural water. When we taste that beautiful sea air or sense that amazing feeling after a storm; it’s a sign that our bodies have been saturated with the benefits of negative ions. So some negative energy, scientifically is good. Why would anyone want to get rid of that!?

• Step four: When we have set up our transmutation field we can simply say something like;
 “With this protective transmutation field around me, any bad/harmful energy that is directed my way will be transmuted into positive energy x10. I will harness and direct this transformed energy in positive and healing ways, for myself and for others.”

*We could times the power by 100 or 1000 but for me personally x10 works well.

Try it for yourself. I would love to hear any success stories you may have!
Alyssa xxx

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