Meet Alyssa

Who is Alyssa?

Hello Lifestyle Lovers, and welcome to my website! Who am I? Wow, well isn’t that a question we have all asked ourselves before?

On paper I am a graduate of a 1st class drama and theatre studies degree. I am a Lifestyle coach and speaker. I am a writer and magazine columnist.  I am also a daughter to an amazing mother, a sister to an awesome younger brother, and a chum to my Golden Retriever Mr Indie, and cat Alfred.

But I am also a 20 (late) something lifestyle lover, soul searcher and self-appointed philosopher. I am a person who has experienced great loss and grief, and great joy and happiness. I am also a person who has a deep non-denominational spiritual connection to the divine, and a passionate love for my fellow humans, as I recognise we are all a reflection of each other.

Does this sound familiar? If so you can safely assume at this point that you are also a lifestyle lover. Someone who is always seeking new knowledge, who loves to learn and loves to share what you have learnt to help others.

Through my videos, blogs, magazine articles and books, my aim is to empower you to live the lifestyle you truly want! By allowing you to walk your path by being your authentic self. Sometimes we all need a helping hand. Whether this is to learn more about how to nourish your body, connect with your higher self, or build your confidence. I am here to help you.

I have years of experience and have been honoured enough to help many beautiful people, just as unique and awesome as you. But like with all of our free will choices, we have to allow the help to happen. If you’ve read this far, you’ve already taken that first step.

Congratulations, I now officially declare you a fellow lifestyle lover! Welcome aboard!

‘Whilst it is true that we can learn through struggle, we can also experience learning through compassion and joy. It is by uniting both our hardships and blessings that we can clearly begin to see what we are truly capable of.  There is never a time to give up on your dreams, only a time to change gear and move forward’.

A bit more on Alyssa’s Background..

Alyssa started her career delivering workshops to schools and community centres. These workshops were based around team building exercises and confidence building sessions. Later, she worked as a graduate advocate for a University, delivering presentations to students across the UK on ‘Life After School’. She also worked with students on developing their interview skills.

It was during her time in these roles that Alyssa discovered her passion for helping people. She wanted to share her tools and techniques in a way that felt unlimited and authentic to her. Alyssa takes a Holistic approach to her work, reminding us that we are mind, body and spirit.

‘Just as we give time to our mental and physical wellbeing, we should not forget to neglect our spiritual selves.’